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Specialities Of Manasa

  • 1. The Best Academy of India (Declared by Central Govt. of India.)

  • 2. Providing best training by retired Navy & Army Personnel.

  • 3. This is not an commercial Institute but honestly a training Academy for central government jobs. 

  • 4.Point to point guidelines to all the students regarding career out line by miletary officers. 

  • 5. Every body at Manasa is hard core honest. 

  • 6. The Biggest and Oldest Defence Academy of India.

  • 7. We provide full time (AM TO PM)  real job training. 

  • 8. Manasa has its own hostel campus, Swimming pool, Play ground, gym, SSB digital Class room, Physics and Chemistry Labs, games & Sports, Canteen, RO water, 24/7 CCTV, 90 feet National Flag

  • 9. Daily Physical Training, Gym and Yoga. 

  • 10. Stage speech therapy. 

  • 11. Personality development course. 

  • 12. Interview Facing Tactics,Group Discussion. 

  • 13. English speaking course. 

  • 14. Every student is placed in rotation for the duty of the day in order to learn, command and control of miletary orders.

  • 15. India's only registered Trade Mark ® Academy. 

  • 16. Very tasty veg/non veg, south/north Indian food. 

  • 17. NDA,  SSB, Navy,Army, Airdorce etc. training along with higher studies after 10th. 

  • 18. Experienced and highly trained teachers and instructors.

  • 19. Daily evening study hours and doubt clearing session, special focus on each individual student. 

  • 20.Applying for government jobs for eligible canditates.

Licence for central govt. jobs


1. Real time training only at Manasa Defence Academy ...

building with flag at Manasa Defence Academy

2. Parade practice at Manasa Defence Academy...


3. Being a good swimmer is necessary part of life, if you wish to join Navy, Para commando, and other branches of armed forces.That's why  we have swimming pool with in campus ...

Swimming training at Manasa defence Academy

4. SSB training for NDA candidates by Army Officers.

NDA classes at Manasa Defence Academy

5. Manasa Defence Academy has its own ground within campus for     training, Sports, Parade, PT & other activities ...

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-22 at 4.47.39 PM.jpeg

6. Suitable living accomodation because the academic stucture is designed for training centre only, So we have the suitable living accomodation...


7. Actually homely food with ZERO complaint throught the year ...


8. Gym: when someone has passion of building, so training well ecupped gyms is required which is also available with in the campus.


9.Yoga for health

10. The best study enviornment, highly trained, qualified teachers and instructor's team to excute every event with higher result ...
png (2)_edited.jpg
11. Military environment at Manasa Defence Academy. Every activity is excuted in Army pattern and with a service mindset ...
military environment at Manasa Defence Academy
12. Every student is allowed only after medical fitness as per military rules by the Army  expert.
medical checkup for government jobs
13. Appying for government job notifications time to time for eligible candidates.
online exam preparation at Manasa Defence Academy

        WHY MANASA IS DIFFERENT TO OTHER                                       ACADEMIES...........?

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