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SUPER COMBINATION OF  IIT + NDA at Manasa Defence Academy after 10th

                   Life circle of our society is turning up towards the technology and Engineering resulting  6-8 students out of 10  are to join engineering, but to get admission in  a good college you need to have a good rank which is not easy without entrance exams preparation.

                  There  are number of coaching centres for IIT- JEE preparation in India and many of them are doing well but none of them are looking towards second side of life. That is health, stable and strong mind set which is only  possible when you  follow military trends and regular physical activities to come over mental stress which is common in todays competative life. Where as we take a very good care of all above. Since this academy is a combo of military mindset and technological training. Military monopoly is beyond of percentage of possiblities,  "We just do it to happen". We follow "Sweat in peace to less bleed in war" policy and succeed.

              We, Manasa Defenece Academy are the best Academy in India. We are part and parcel of Defence mentality and follow the same ethical training  while preparing you for IIT-JEE exams. We keep you physically fit and mentally strong to achieve your goal.

               It is not a small thing that Manasa Defence Academy was awarded by the central Govt.of India for being the best academy of India which gives you NDA training and IIT-JEE preparation also.



PLEASE NOTE : It is gonna be a wonderful life when you are an engineer with a military bearing personality and good physic.

              No institute follow this trend in our country rather everyone is behind academic pressure but not at all bothered about your future and health.

              Many of the rankers have crossed through Manasa Defence Academy while persuing 11th & 12th class we prepared them for IIT-JEE exams with intermediate.

Why Manasa Defence Academy..?


                   After having passed 10th class you will have to choose either NDA or Engineering and we are there for both of your options with dedicated team of instructors and professors. This way whilst passing intermediare from Manasa Defence Academy you are a master of any one eighter NDA or IIT-JEE what ever you wish to.


                  So the conclusion is after passing 10th class you will have to study intermediate compulsorily but if you join us, we are the professional future designer and we do not charge extra fees for

NDA training or IIT-JEE preparation too.

"Opt to better life, Join to succeed"

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