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NDA training at manasa defence academy

1. What is the eligibility for admission in Manasa Defence Academy? 

Ans: Indian male citizen between 16-24 years age; Medical fit by Military Doctors.


2. Is Manasa a Government Registered Academy? 

Ans: Yes, Manasa is Licensed Trade Mark for placements by Government of India which is legal in several other countries also. 

3. Is Medical test mandatory for admission in Manasa? 

Ans: Yes, this medical test is done by Senior Military Surgeon. 

4. How old is Manasa?

Ans: Manasa was established in 1998 since then we are serving Indian Armed Forces by preparing a very good class of cadets.


5. Are there any other branches of Manasa ?

Ans: No, according to regulations there can only be one "Manasa Defence Academy".


6. It is far from my native place, how can I join?

Ans: This is backward thinking, you need to upgrade your thoughts, a man has traveled to Mars and you feel Visakhapatnam is far away, or else you have to check if you are really fit for Government job, because after having selected for Central Govt. jobs you are liable to serve anywhere in India.


7. What is Manasa's specialty?


Ans : Manasa is an actual training Academy in India which gives full time training till you get selected in Govt. job. 


8. What is the difference between Manasa and other colleges/universities?

Ans: Colleges/Universities are only to give you a Degree where as Manasa is a placement company that targets to get you a Government Job. 


9. What are the Govt. jobs for 10th passed students?

Ans: Students who have passed 10th class and perusing 12th can appear for NDA exam, SSB and final selection for the post of commissioned officers in Indian Navy, Indian Air Force and Indian Army.

11. There are many other Academies and Coaching centers near my area, why should I come that far to Manasa? 

Ans: You will get to know how Defence academy, job academy and coaching centers should really be when to visit Manasa because the facilities and training given in Manasa is found nowhere. 

12. What is the job guarantee?

Ans: Manasa gives call up letter to every student in their hands.


13. What is the requirement of Swimming Pool?

Ans: So that Our every Student get selected for Indian Naval Jobs, Commandos, Divers posts too.

14. Fees is too much?

Ans: You want discount or job? Visit Manasa and you will find it inexpensive,  studying in school or coaching centers is different from taking training in Academy. They don't even help you apply forms for jobs.

15. I have seen various other Academys, why should I prefer Manasa?

Ans: The Academys you have seen do not get you selected in jobs, whereas Manasa does.

16. Can I take training for only three months?

Ans: No, this is not a coaching center, it takes a minimum year to train a candidate so that he can be ready; the candidate is on training until he gets a job.


What to do after 10th/12th...?


What to do after 10th/12th...?


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